The Individual Psychotherapy I practice is a process based on an authentic relation which is being established, step by step, between the client and the therapist. This process consists in exploring some important aspects of your existence that we will further look for you to integrate, as properly as possible, into an achieved life. At the same time, another part of this process consists in activating some hidden resources so that you can live your life the way everybody deserves: in a balanced state and by maintaining beneficial relations with others.

I work with people in a collaborative manner, as only through teamwork can we achieve results in psychotherapy. This collaboration refers to both my respect towards your uniqueness and opinions and to your authentic involvement in the therapeutic process.

I am not an adept of psychological types and neither of rigid theories about the psyche. Each human being is too complex and different by the rest, in order to be packed in any theory. In this teamwork, I take into consideration all three dimensions of time: past (in order to better understand and integrate your personal history), present (in order to be connected to what is happening here and now) and future (in order to build a meaningful direction). I consider that an effective psychotherapy has a pragmatic character, in the way that it addresses the clients’ real needs and his/her concrete and actual difficulties, and that the therapeutic results must be mirrored as clearly as possible into ones daily life.

I encourage self-knowledge. Many times, behind some thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are apparently bizarre or irrational, we may discover inquiries or fundamental concerns of the human being that are related to diverse aspects of existence. Certain parts of yourself may involuntarily arise throughout the sessions, parts that you had preferred to leave untouched before, but which can now be successfully integrated within a meaningful life.

I work both with the conscious part of the mind, in order to have a clear perception of the way we live, and also with the unconscious part of the mind, as it is the one full of contents and processes that wait to be discovered, and especially full of creativity and resources that help us to get along in the daily life. Through out the sessions I’m looking forward to helping clients to be as connected as possible to what’s happening within themselves and in their lives so they can accomplish the necessary and lasting changes.