About Me

I am a Psychologist with accreditation in Psychotherapy, activity which I’ve been practicing since 2010. I practice individual and family therapy. I work with people of all ages (children, teenagers, adults and elderly ones), I have trust in the human potential of overcoming the unwanted conditions and I consider that the human’s growth process is a continuous one that is taking place through-out the entire life.

We live in a world overwhelmed by social labels and by rules about how things should be, but more important than perceiving ourselves normal or abnormal is being in concordance with ourselves. Aspects on which I put emphasis in psychotherapy are change and self-knowledge. Change happens anyway, nothing remains the same, hence the famous dictum ‘panta rei’ (‘everything flows’) belonging to the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who was referring to the fact that everything is transforming. But it’s important for the changes that happen to be in concordance with what we feel, think and do. And self-knowledge, acquired through exploring the inner and/or relational concerns, helps us achieve the changes we need, thus living our lives in an authentic manner.

I am a member of The Romanian Association of Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy and a Psychotherapist certified by The College of Psychologists in Romania and The Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy. For some info about the psychotherapy I practice you can proceed with reading on this site.